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  • If we did all the things we are capable of

    we would astound ourselves

    - Thomas Edison

  • Creativity is contagious
    pass it on

    - Albert Einstein


Bringing Innovations to Life

RAWdevelop is a software development company that has helped its customers achieve their potential through the use of technology. We pride ourselves on our business focus - we don't build anything unless we believe it will increase the success of our clients.

With Microsoft certified development skills we bring expertise in both front end and back end development. We are confident that we can find the solution for any technical needs you may have whether on the web, desktop, or mobile device.

We have developed dozens of Enterprise iOS and Android apps for our clients, as well as desktop and web applications.

Our Specialisms
  • Mobile Apps
  • .NET Development
Bespoke Development

We will work alongside you in an Agile, collaborative way to make your vision reality. You will input on the creation of your software throughout the process. There will be no unpleasant surprises as we will meet with you regularly to review your requirements, and to show you the development of your application.

Examples of software solutions that we have developed in the past:

  • Multi-lingual course book apps (iOS and Android) to support face-to-face training.
  • Customer Service and order tracking software - integrating with multiple sales sources
  • Monitoring prices on competitor sites and adapting prices to undercut the competition, where profitable
  • API integration - examples include Google Data Services and Amazon's MWS
  • A multi-lingual site to distribute Enterprise iOS and Android apps
  • Tablet and phone apps, both offline web apps and native
Facts and Benefits
Fact 1
For every $1 a company spends on training they can receive $30 worth of productivity gains[1].
3.9 Devices
Fact 2
This year, mobile consumers own an average of 3.9 connected devices (U.S. statistic)
Fact 3
72% of companies stated that eLearning helps them to keep up-to-date with changes in their industry[3].

1 - A report by IBM
2 - A study by Bersin & Associates
3 - According to research by CertifyMe.Net


We provide eLearning in multiple languages on an international basis. We currently have several fully bilingual courses live, and have developed websites to support learning materials in China. We produce rapid eLearning for the most demanding clients.

Our staff have also had experience in building bespoke elearning authoring development tools - with particular emphasis on solutions that address the complexities of translation and localisation.

We produce content for multiple devices - PC, Android, and iOS. Our content can be deployed to whatever device is most suitable for your needs. Our courses are designed to use standard keyboard and mouse in the browser, and multi-touch controls (such as swipe page changes) when used on devices. All our eLearning content is fully SCORM 2004 compliant. Your users can start a course in work on the desktop, and continue it at home on their tablet - and have their usage tracked throughout.

Cloud computing image
Agile Development
Using an Agile methodology we involve you, the client, closely in the development process to make sure you know exactly what you will be getting - and have no surprises.
You should order your own priorities. Why not drag and drop the list below so it reflects the importance you give to each item in a project.
  • Cloud
    Leverage the power of the cloud
  • Mobile
    Target all the major mobile devices
  • Customisation
    A cost-effective solution designed for your unique business
  • Data
    Achieve actionable insight through analysis